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Questions & Answers.

Should I wash my hair before you arrive for my trial or on the day?

It would be best to have your hair dry when I arrive, you can either wash it the day before the trial, or if you prefer to wash your hair daily . . .you can wash it on the day. Please don’t use any deep conditioners, leave-in products, 2in1 shampoo & conditioners and please don’t straighten your hair. 

Shall I wear my usual make up for my trial?

If you would like to show me your regular makeup then yes, but I’m more than happy just chatting to you about what makeup you usually wear and then spending time helping you find your perfect wedding day look!


Shall I collect some pictures of my ideas?

It’s always helpful to get a selection of images together showing styles that you like, don’t worry – they can be completely different looks – it will just give us an idea of the sort of things you might like to try. You don’t need to send me the images in advance, I’m more than happy to look at them when we meet for the trial run.

When shall I book my trial? 

There’s no set time frame, however, most people have their trial run anything from 6 months to 1 week before the wedding.

If you’re having sleepless nights thinking about how you’re going to look on your wedding day I’m happy to do your trial earlier – no problem!

What shall I do if you are already booked?

Don’t worry… I often work alongside other local professionals for makeup and hair. So 
I will be able to give you the details of someone I trust if I’m already booked on your wedding date.

What if im not happy after my trial?

I will be in no hurry, take as long as you like to get your “look” just the way you want it. You are not committed to your booking before you have your trial run… other than the actual trial fee.

You have up to 7 days to make up your mind, and you only pay a deposit if you’re 100% happy with my work.

How much time do I need on the day?

This all depend on how you decide to have your hair and makeup. I’ll be able to work out the exact timings for the big day once you've had your trial run. I always allow plenty of time, making sure you’re ready and relaxed, with enough time to get your dress on, have some photos taken and relax before you make your big entrance.

How to Get the Best out of your Mobile Hair & Beauty Therapist.

Do's and Don'ts

DO provide the best possible environment within your home, office or venue. The kitchen is usually best, with easy to sweep floor, surfaces for your hairdresser's bags and equipment, and electricity sockets nearby. Ensure there is adequate lighting and have a suitable chair ready.

DO talk to your stylist, Beauty therapist about your treatment or hairstyle, and show her pictures if necessary, to ensure you both have the same hairstyle and treatment in mind.

DON'T forget to check your hair thoroughly before your stylist leaves.

DO try to minimize distractions and interruptions which may spoil your haircut and / or treatment. Your Jules Mobile Salon experience should be as relaxing and enjoyable as possible.

DO ask for advise on styling and maintaining your hair and skin care routines.

DON'T be afraid to try new styles or experiment with a new colour or image. Your stylist will be happy to advise you.

DON'T forget to have your loyalty card signed, as you can get 10% OFF on your 5th appointment.

DON'T forget to recommend Julie Butcher to your friends, as you can get a FREE haircut.

DO allow 15 minutes either side of your appointment for your stylist or beauty therapist to set-up equipment and to re-load back into their vehicle.